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SMS Project Management is a leading Israeli boutique company in the planning, management and supervision of construction projects The company's CEO and chief engineer, both of whom have many years of experience in hundreds of projects, work alongside the team of project managers at every stage of the project Each project benefits from more than 20 years of outstanding management experience, working in accordance with the character and requirements of the customer The company's clientele includes high-tech companies, industry, private bodies and developers in the residential sector, who plan construction projects and need experienced management to supervise all levels and stages of activity, from licensing to delivery The range of operations includes offices and work spaces, office buildings, logistics centers, factories, residential construction, listed buildings, structural strengthening (TAMA 38) and green building

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The ultimate combination of professionals, knowledge and experience - excellence is found in the small details

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Commitment Dedicated to the end result, your interests are our interests

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Loyalty Understanding and close accompaniment at every stage of the project, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Always one step ahead of everyone else, updated on all the leading innovation in the field

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An intimate, genuine connection that includes a true appreciation of the client's needs



ORGANIZATIONAL PREPARATION BEFORE PROJECT LAUNCH Creation of a dedicated management and supervision team for the project, to lead the planning and implementation team. Adoption of work process in accordance with the client's. Ability to integrate into the property selection stage, taking into consideration engineering expertise, while meeting the client's needs. Guidance and escorting during the process of building the initial program.


PLANNING AND SYNCHRONIZING SYSTEMS Management and supervision of system's planning; managing tenders and creating modules for ongoing work, according to the project's budget and timetables. Involvement in the legal aspects of the project, including contractors' tenders, negotiating with suppliers, supervising quantities and specifications, and early detection of potential problems while providing immediate solutions..


DURING THE PROJECT Management, inspection and quality control for all construction and adaptation work. Close involvement in making sure the plans and tenders, and meeting the customer’s requirements are executed. Implementation of the project - use of contractors and other professionals in accordance with the project's progress; selecting quantities, quality and styles of materials and products ordered; staying within the defined timetables and budget.


BILLING AND SITE INSPECTIONS Checking billing and their delivery after completion of the contract work; registration and supervision of the completed work and any necessary repairs. Monitoring, management and supervision, performance testing, and inspection of the installation and integration of all the systems, handling of the transition process until the end of the inspection year.



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Unique and proven methodologies, supported by the world’s leading technological tools Management teams comprising outstanding, experienced professionals, each carefully selected for their position An organizational culture based on true partnership: we work with our clients, not just for them Creative, sophisticated managerial ethos, although we believe a “simple” approach is the one that will yield the best response for the client Targeted application - We aim for 100% optimal application. SMS specializes in short and focused diagnostic processes, with the goal of concentrating most of the investment in those processes and their integration Multidisciplinary - The company includes experts from various fields with a broad understanding of business, including consultants who have held senior management positions in a range of industries Integrated solutions - The ability to see comprehensively from a variety of aspects - managerial, operational and organizational, while constantly integrating creative and unconventional elements The more intimate the relationship with the client, the better the outcome.





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"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought"

Albert Einstein